Celebrating Partnership – becoming a Growing Faith Learning Hub

We are honoured to be able to announce that we have been selected to be one of 12 Growing Faith Learning Hubs, recognising our ongoing commitment to work in partnership with Northstowe’s young people, families, and schools - and our willingness to share both our successes and [let’s not call them failures, but] “learning opportunities” as we dig into this partnership adventure.

What might it mean to “be Northstowe” – a Remembrance Day reflection

Remembrance Day in a new town is an interesting thing. None of us have ancestors or roots here. And yet we all come with a story and a heritage. Those stories, and what we do with them, will shape us. This week, in the Primary School, Secondary School, and, on Sunday, outside by our newly named Bug Hunters' Water, Northstowe is coming together to remember the horrors of war and the heroism of individuals through story and through silence, so that these may become real in the present and influence and inspire us to work for reconciliation, peace and justice in the future

Rebuilding, overcoming, blessing, and changing

At the end of last week, we had the huge honour to be part of the consecration and official opening of a new church building. As the choirs sang, we joined a procession with the Bishop, Archdeacon, local pastors, catechists, and the ever-wonderful mother's union. A large white bow was tied across the new doorway. … Continue reading Rebuilding, overcoming, blessing, and changing